Siiri Sisask & Kristjan Randalu — Lingua mea - Festival Jazzkaar

ADDRESS: Pärnu maantee 30-5, Tallinn 10141

PHONE: +372 666 0030

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Siiri Sisask & Kristjan Randalu — Lingua mea (Estonia-Germany-Greece-Luxembourg/USA)

Saturday 30. April 18:30

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Siiri Sisask vocal
Kristjan Randalu piano
Carsten Netz (D) saxophone/clarinet/electronics
Petros Klampanis (GR) double bass
Paul Wiltgen (LU/US) drums
Linda-Anette Verte violin
Egert Leinsaar violin
Sandra Klimaite viola
Theodor Sink cello

Saturday 30. April 18:30

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Vaba Lava

30.- / 23.-

Creative collaboration between Siiri Sisask and Kristjan Randalu began at the 2002 Jazzkaar. As a result, they have released three records together: Jälg (2002), Teine jälg (2006, Finetone Music) and Lingua mea (2011, Jazz’n’Arts ). The original quartet later expanded into a quintet, joined by a string quartet on their last album. During the years of record releases, the ensemble toured regularly in Germany. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sisask and Randalu’s collaboration, the ensemble will meet again at this year’s Jazzkaar to perform the Lingua mea programme for the first time in Estonia. The line-up this year includes a third member of the original band, the versatile saxophonist, clarinettist and electronic musician Carsten Netz. Randalu’s filigree arrangements masterfully capture the emotional vibrations of the songs mainly written by Siiri Sisask and the background of their poetic lyrics. His lyrical-minimalist textures sometimes create a favourable background for the message and sometimes broaden the emotional scale. The exceptionally wide dynamic spectrum of Lingua mea ranges from beautiful patterns of silence to stormy and dramatic soundscapes.

The talents of the charismatic and individual singer-creator-actor Siiri Sisask are manifested in very different fields. She is known to the Estonian audience from concert and theatre stages, but also from films. A singer with a unique voice and performance style, she has collaborated with various groups from a guitar duo to the boys’ choir, but also rock and pop ensembles such as Ruja and Vitamiin. In collaboration with various musicians, Sisask has recorded numerous albums of her own music and that of other creators. She has also been active in society and politics.

Kristjan Randalu belongs to the most sought-after piano players of his generation, carrying the torch in both the improvised world of jazz and the traditional realm of classical music. Between creating his own original blend of contemporary jazz as a leader and collaborating with several generations of respected musicians, from the likes of fellow ECM recording artist Trygve Seim to saxophonist David Liebman, Randalu has brought his music to some of the world’s most renowned jazz festivals and concert halls. At the same time, he is viewed as an esteemed interpreter of a broad spectrum of contemporary and classical music, performing alongside internationally acclaimed ensembles of the stature of the London Symphony Orchestra and the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra on the one hand and esteemed conductors like Kristjan Järvi and Dennis Russell Davies on the other. His over 40 album-strong discography has won him several awards, including „Jazz Artist of the Year“ and „Jazz Composer of the Year“ in Estonia.