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Showcase-kontsert: ImproVoc, Nikita Korzoun Trio

Saturday 28. August 19:00

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This showcase concert features performances by the improvisational group ImproVoc, with voice as their main instrument, and Nikita Korzoun Trio, whose music is primarily inspired by traditional straight-ahead jazz.


Anne-Liis Poll vocal
Sirje Medell vocal
Kärt Sepp vocal
Ivi Rausi vocal
Indrek Palu vocal
Aita Vaher mime

ImproVoc playfully creates spontaneous voice patterns and invite listeners to join them in their musical explorations. Their performances also include a mime, who inspires, illustrates and enriches this exciting musical experience. Travelling together through the soundscapes, unique musical images are born from the performers’ imagination and the surrounding space at a given moment.


Nikita Korzoun alto saxophone
Andres Alaru double bass
Mihhail Nikitin drums

Nikita Korzoun, a saxophonist studying at the Georg Ots Tallinn Music School has performed at various international festivals, including Visioon (2019 and 2020) and Jazz Across Borders (2019). He has also won the Round Table competition in 2018. Stemmed in 2019 from a joint jam session, Nikita Korzoun Trio not only plays well-known jazz standards, but also original compositions, offering listeners an unforgettable musical experience. Their current programme, Standards and Beyond is inspired by traditional straight-ahead jazz, combining traditional post-bop sound with Scandinavian minimalist aesthetics.