ADDRESS: Pärnu maantee 30-5, Tallinn 10141

PHONE: +372 666 0030

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Raimond Mägi Trio

Wednesday 25. August 19:45

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Raimond Mägi double bass
Kirke Karja piano
Karl-Juhan Laanesaar drums

Wednesday 25. August 19:45

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Raimond Mägi Trio started in 2016 with a spontaneous recording session. The created synergy was full of powerful and creative thoughts, and in 2017 the trio released their first album entitled “Peace”. In addition to Raimond Mägi on double bass, the trio includes award-winning pianist Kirke Karja and drummer Karl-Juhan Laanesaar.

The musical material gets its original impetus from Raimond Mägi, but the finishing touches to the songs are given by the different background and characteristic playing style of the musicians. In the process of creating, it is not important to stay within the boundaries of a certain style or concept, but to use all means to serve the vision and stories of the work. They flirt musically with classical, progerock, traditional jazz and experimental music. The transitions from the composed parts to improvised music take place smoothly, and the listener can guess which part of the story has been composed and which is born on the spot. In the creative process, the trio is fascinated by finding a balance between complex and simple, in other words – it is important that the ensemble’s music speaks to the audience, does not intimidate with its academic or complexity, while keeping the audience captivated by exciting sounds.