Sofia Rubina „I Am Soul” - Festival Jazzkaar

ADDRESS: Pärnu maantee 30-5, Tallinn 10141

PHONE: +372 666 0030

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Sofia Rubina „I Am Soul”

Saturday 14. October 18:00

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Sofia Rubina-Hunter vocal
Jaan Jaanson guitar
Madis Muul piano
Janno Trump bass
Dmitri Nikolajevski drums

Saturday 14. October 18:00

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The presentation concert of the sixth album “I Am Soul” by the radiant singer, producer, and band leader Sofia Rubina at Autumn Jazz promises an exciting experience. The album features eleven tracks, six of which were written by Sofia herself, and in addition, covering artists such as Bonnie Raitt, George Duke, and Chick Corea. Unlike Sofia’s previous work, “I Am Soul” carries a more modern, crossover sound, blending jazz, soul, gospel, and pop.

Sofia’s message is clear – she wants to unite people through her music, creating a positive, uplifting experience for all. She hopes that “I Am Soul” will be a transformational journey for listeners worldwide, opening hearts and minds to the beauty of the universe around us. As Sofia says, “This album is authentically me, who I really am, vulnerable, powerful, joyful, searching for meaning, trying to listen to my inner voice.” “I Am Soul” is a snapshot of Sofia’s current musical journey, capturing the moment and showcasing her remarkable talent. “In a year or two my music will sound different,” but one thing is for sure – Sofia Rubina’s music will continue to inspire and uplift people for years to come.

Sofia’s talent and passion for music were evident from a young age. She started piano lessons at the age of six and began singing lessons at ten. Her dedication to music took her to study in Viljandi and Sochi, and even further – to Cottbus in Germany and Berklee in the USA. Sofia started recording her own songs at the age of 18 and has since released six albums and over thirty singles with renowned DJs and producers worldwide, such as Mark Di Meo, Ezel, Eric Kupper, Opolopo, P. Julm, and others.