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Nik Bärtsch Switzerland

Saturday 28. August 17:30

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Nik Bärtsch piano, electronics

Saturday 28. August 17:30

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Swiss pianist Nik Bärtsch is an instrumentalist, composer and improviser very much in the European classical-oriented style of jazz, but has created a language that transcends these basic categories. His ritualistic approach to music making is nourished by his concepts of reduction and repetition as well as his fascination with Japanese culture. Here textures from jazz, funk, new music, minimal as well as ritual and sacred music are organically interwoven. “My thinking and music are based on the tradition of urban space. The city in its roaring diversity requires an ability to focus and concentrate on the essential: to measure one’s actions, to remain silent at the right place,” Bärtsch says. “From self-implied restriction stems freedom. Ecstasy through asceticism.”

Born in Zurich, Nik Bärtsch started learning piano and drums at the age of 8. During his career, he has played everything from fusion to free-funk, and all kinds of extroverted jazz. At one point, he discovered the ideas behind the compositions of Nick Cage and Morton Feldman, from which he drew inspiration from. Bärtsch works simultaneously with three formations. The group MOBILE plays purely acoustic music, performed in rituals of up to 36 hours, including light installations and room design. The Zen-funk quartet RONIN, by contrast, is more flexible and plays the compositions more freely. As a highly praised solo performer Bärtsch performs his compositions on prepared piano with percussion.