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Sunday 29. August 16:30

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Janno Trump bass, compositions
Joel Remmel piano
Ramuel Tafenau drums
Linda-Anette Verte violin
Mari-Katrina Suss violin
Ann Mäekivi viola
Andreas Lend cello

Sunday 29. August 16:30

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Janno Trump Clarity Ensemble is Janno Trump’s latest musical project, bringing together a piano trio with a crisp Nordic aesthetic and a string quartet with a gentle chamber music sound. In his newest work the author is looking for a common ground between improvisation and classical music.

Janno has always sought balance between the spiritual and physical experience of music. While the spiritual aspect in the music written for JT Conception often remains hidden behind the enticingly rhythmic Funk grooves, the Clarity Ensemble, as its name also suggests, communicates the author’s thoughts to the audience with clarity and immediacy, in the most acoustic and natural way possible. Janno’s new creative period is inspired by the crispness and beauty of the Nordic life and Estonian nature. As the entire concert programme was composed while living in the Netherlands, it reflects his view on his homeland and his roots from afar.