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Thursday 25. February 19:00

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David Chevallier guitar
Sébastien Boisseau bass
Christophe Lavergne drums
Anett Tamm vocal

Thursday 25. February 19:00

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The multitalented guitarist David Chevallier forms a telepathic unit with double bassist Sébastien Boisseau and drummer Christophe Lavergne. Invited by the Estonian Jazz Federation in September 2018, David Chevallier trio comes back to Estonia in March 2021 for five concerts with the singer Anett Tamm as part as the Francophonie month. The French trio and the young Estonian singer will perform “The Ophelia Songbook” – a program inspired by the Shakspearian character of Hamlet.


Created in 2017, „The Ophelia Songbook“ is an exploration into women’s place in society. The Canadian singer Kyrie Kristmanson’s texts have been put to music by David Chevallier. In this songbook, the authors imagine the diary of Ophelia, one of the character in Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”. The diary and the personal letters of Ophelia have been found… and here a literary ghost turns into flesh and blood. For these concerts in Estonia, the rising talent singer Anett Tamm will be the voice of Ophelia.


David Chevallier has been one of the outstanding figures on the French creative jazz scene for many years. The trio he put together in 2013 with double bassist Sébastien Boisseau and drummer Christophe Lavergne has became a corner stone of his projects in recent years. The band started with a repertoire of revisited standards on electric guitar “Standards & Avatars”.  Praised for its fresh perspectives the trio moved on to a “Second Life” in 2016 with a new and entirely original repertoire. David Chevallier changed his electric guitar for 6 & 12-string acoustic guitars and banjo, creating a unique trio sound, a kind of imaginary jazz-folk. Eager to get a wider and more complex sound, the whole creation is subtly computer assisted. “Second Life” is a new incarnation of an inspired trio.


Brought up in a family of musicians, David Chevallier studied classical guitar and became deeply fascinated by the idea of composing and the notion of improvisation in jazz. In his early years he made a name playing with jazzmen such as Laurent Dehors, Patrice Caratini and John Taylor. He founded his own musical company, the SonArt, which explores the possibilities of creating stimulating bridges between very different musical worlds. He is particularly interested in creating meeting points between baroque music and contemporary jazz. Through these musical emotions, he adopted the theorbo and the baroque guitar which he uses both to play Björk songs and to play in continuo.


But rest assured, David Chevallier has not however discarded the electric guitar nor jazz!

Concert are in cooperation with Philly Joe’s jazz club, French Institute of Estonia, CNM Centre National de La Musique, Institut Français – Ville de Nantes, AJC – Association Jazzé Croisé and with agency Vapaat äänet