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10/10/2020 Old friends together again


Put together one of the best pianists and one of the most versatile singer-songwriters of Estonia and what you get is possibly the best concert you can have to open Jazzkaar festival at a time like this.


Pianist Kristjan Randalu and singer-songwriter Vaiko Eplik took the stage to perform the first concert at Jazzkaar festival. They knew that they were opening a very special Jazzkaar this year, one that is taking place five months after it should have taken place, and the two musicians appreciated it very much that they were chosen for this task.


This was a special concert to Randalu and Eplik personally as well, as it marked the passing of 10 years since their first concert together at Jazzkaar in 2010. After two concerts at Jazzkaar and two albums – ‘‘Kooskõla’’ and ‘‘Lahkhelid’’ – they came together on stage again to perform songs from both albums as well as Eplik’s newer music.


They started the concert with Eplik’s ‘‘Homne päev’’. For somebody who hadn’t seen them perform together before, it was a great introduction to their sound as a duo. Randalu’s piano tunes and Eplik’s well-known vocals and guitar were a good match and gave a fresh sound to one of Eplik’s most well-known songs.


Sound wise, it really was an enjoyable experience. Having only two instruments on stage, it created a very minimalist duo that was extraordinary in its simplicity. The cherry on top of the cake was Eplik’s LX microphone and sound effects that he used during most songs. That really was the element that added depth to their performance.


After 10 years of music together, the audience could see this certain synergie between Randalu and Eplik. They were enjoying themselves and making music thoroughly. The chats they had with each other and the audience between songs were also very laid back, familiar and warm, making us feel like we were all just old friends to them.


Pure and simple, but also complex and deep – that was the music that announced the beginning of Jazzkaar 2020. And those are the words to describe the festival itself as well. Kristjan Randalu and Vaiko Eplik are definitely a power duo and, as I caught myself thinking during the concert, living legends who I am honored to hear playing. Fingers crossed that there will be another 10 years of good music for them and that we will get to hear another anniversary concert from them at Jazzkaar 2030!


Vaiko Eplik & Kristjan Randalu

9th of October 2020 at 7pm at Vaba Lava


Vaiko Eplik – vocals, guitar, electronics

Kristjan Randalu – piano


Check the photos of the concert here!